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About ABCD Susquehanna

ABCD is an organization devoted to improving and encouraging the science of bridge design and construction by providing a forum for members to exchange and develop new ideas and techniques.

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 Our Current Leadership:

Justin Eberhart

Justin S. Eberhart, PE
STV, Inc.

Kevin Fuller

Kevin P. Fuller, PE
Membership Chairman
STV, Inc.

Y. Frank Chen

Y. Frank Chen, Ph.D., PE
Educational Outreach
Penn State University

Derek Mitch

Derek Mitch, PE
Continuing Education Coordinator
McCormick Taylor, Inc.

Tom Macioce, PE

Executive Committee

Ron Spacht

Ronald Spacht, PE

Board of Directors

Tom Wandzilak

Tom Wandzilak
Events Chairman
High Steel Structures Inc.

Brian Swartz, Ph.D., PE
Educational Outreach
Messiah College

John Petro
Web Master
C.S. Davidson, Inc.

Ex-Officio Board Members

Gary Graham, PE
PA Turnpike Commission

John Rautzahn, PE
SAI Consulting Engineers


Kyle Rankin

Kyle Rankin, PE , C.B.S.I
Scholarship Chairman
A. Morton Thomas and
Associates, Inc

Adam Welter

Adam Welter, PE
Awards Chairman
Susquehanna Civil, Inc.

David Hoglund

David E. Hoglund, PE
Rettew Associates